Freedom for Vietnam

Originally posted on Freedom For Vietnam: Viet Khang’s music is so powerful and moving that it would be a crime (no pun intended) not to share it with all of you.  It is unfortunate that not all of us can understand his music, as Viet Khang’s songs are performed in Vietnamese.  Do not fret however, for Vietnamese American music producer Truc…

“The Life You Can Save: How To Do Your Part To End World Poverty”

Recently, I have been taking advantage of Borders going out of business sale, of the two times I have gone, I have only purchased three books. Two on the first time I went, but the second time I went, it was close to closing so I didn’t have time to browse around. However, I picked … Continue reading

Vietnam…One Day I Will Know You

When I first heard this song from a family member, I fell in love with the lyrics.  I myself could relate because America is all I have ever known. Being an American born Vietnamese, I only hope to one day visit the Country of my roots, and my history that a part of me shares. … Continue reading

This is ME

This is me, flaws and all, but lets not really get into that right now. When I look in the mirror, I sometimes see a confuse person with a  lost soul who is searching for meaning in life, what their future holds. I wish I had it all figured out. I am too afraid, too … Continue reading