To my future husband

I have  thought about writing a letter like this myself…having seen this, and read this. I think I may actually write one. “To my future husband, It is important for me to write to you now, even before we know each other, because there is still time for both of us to think about our … Continue reading

The Night is Dark, But I Am Wide Awake

it feels as though the world is sleeping, I am up writing. so many things on my mind, so many feelings unsaid. I want to say I am lost, but in order to be lost, I have to know where I am going. I don’t know where I am going, I am confuse. music drowns out unwanted thoughts, replaces unwanted feelings. if I push … Continue reading

This is ME

This is me, flaws and all, but lets not really get into that right now. When I look in the mirror, I sometimes see a confuse person with a  lost soul who is searching for meaning in life, what their future holds. I wish I had it all figured out. I am too afraid, too … Continue reading

What I want to do When I grow up.

When I was younger, I never thought much about what I wanted to do when I got older. I can not recall ever being asked what I wanted to be or do when I grow up. My childhood was about having fun, playing outside until I was forced to go inside for dinner. I never … Continue reading

Solitude and Isolation: The need to be alone

What is solitude? what makes that particular word different from the word of isolation? well, I find that they are pretty much the same thing except solitude emphasizes more so on the physical, and isolation emphasizing  the internal. A person can feel isolated in a room full of people; but because they may be different … Continue reading