Live A Life You’re Proud Of…


I will be your star, shinning ever so brightly in the dark night.

One day, my life will revolve around you, and I will orbit around you for you will be my life, wherever you go, I go. To make you happy, to help you and support you in everything you do. Be by your side for always and forever. When you are away, I am going to miss you more … Continue reading

I love everything about the night, how calm it feels, the moon, the stars, I love cloudy days. These words are so poetic, it just rolls off my tongue so beautifully. I feel as though I am standing on a silent hill, staring at the sky and making a wish to the stars myself.  

Tonight I Listen

I really miss you for I am lonely without you. I cry not because I am weak, but because I have been strong for too long. I have walls built up because I have been let down, and disappointed far too many times. Don’t tell me with words, they mean nothing. Show me with actions and … Continue reading

Friends are the family you choose

People may not understand why I am the way I am. I live my life the best way that I possibly can and being the best person that I possibly can. I am always trying to better myself and be a Good Catholic girl who God could be proud of. I know there are times and days where I … Continue reading

The Night is Dark, But I Am Wide Awake

it feels as though the world is sleeping, I am up writing. so many things on my mind, so many feelings unsaid. I want to say I am lost, but in order to be lost, I have to know where I am going. I don’t know where I am going, I am confuse. music drowns out unwanted thoughts, replaces unwanted feelings. if I push … Continue reading

Happy Birthday To me!!!

I am not really a fan of my own birthday, but I am fond of others. I just don’t like to acknowledge my birthday, or to celebrate it. despite wanting this day to be over with already, I do appreciate the love I have been getting from friends and family. A simple happy birthday is more than … Continue reading

It’s Better To Have Tried and Fail, Than To Not Try and Fail.

I used to not care as much if I failed because at least I tried. but somewhere along the way, I feared failure, and forget that it’s ok to fail. it’s not the end up the world if you do. fall seven time, stand up eight. Try and don’t give up. if you fail, then try again, … Continue reading

Introducing the “P’s”

 Introducing the “p” sisters. I like spending hours doing things like this. I wish I had a camcorder so that I can document things and make short little videos and such. enjoy! feel free to comment here or on youtube…or not 🙂 Related articles Youtube… repeat… and repeat… and repeat ( 3 New YouTube Changes … Continue reading

Say Things…Say Something

I recently came across and old assignment I had to write back when I took an English 1A course, where we had  to write a poem  (I somewhat forgot what the requirement, or what the assignment was exactly). I found my paper and it was a poem I had written in class.  Let me say that writing something … Continue reading