Hurt People Hurt Others

I am so afraid that I will do just that. I am terrified that when I have kids, I may one day hurt them like I have been hurt. I continue to push people away because I don’t want to get hurt, I don’t want to hurt them. I can’t trust people easily. sometimes, I feel as though God is a part … Continue reading

Freedom for Vietnam

Originally posted on Freedom For Vietnam: Viet Khang’s music is so powerful and moving that it would be a crime (no pun intended) not to share it with all of you.  It is unfortunate that not all of us can understand his music, as Viet Khang’s songs are performed in Vietnamese.  Do not fret however, for Vietnamese American music producer Truc…

Challenge: Build an A.R.K.(Acts of Random Kindness)

Recently on facebook, I was watching posted videos by friends and came across a video titled “Thoughtful Thursday” so I clicked on it  and that video talked about doing random acts of kindness through a challenge. I thought it would be a great idea and a great way to spread some kindness around and make … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday

Which means….A post containing an image or images without using words to explain the image. the photos should speak for its self.The link posted is an example of another Wordless Wednesday post I did not too long ago. Click on the image to expand. Related articles Wordless Wednesday ( Wordless Wednesday 6-15-11 Kaitlyn’s Preschool … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday

check out my previous “Wordless Wednesday” post for those who has not seen it, or is aware of what “wordless Wednesday is.