I will be your star, shinning ever so brightly in the dark night.

One day, my life will revolve around you, and I will orbit around you for you will be my life, wherever you go, I go. To make you happy, to help you and support you in everything you do. Be by your side for always and forever. When you are away, I am going to miss you more than you miss me, I will miss you so much to the point where I feel like I could die. I am not going to be jealous over every little thing, but when I am; it’s only because I am afraid of losing you. I will make your life fun and we will act like kids and laugh often. I will be your sunshine on a rainy day, a glowing moon on a dark night. I will try my best for you, to never disappoint you. I will be someone who deserves you. one day, you will know of my love, you will never go cold or hungry. I will be your home; I will comfort you. I will be the person you can always come to in times of need. I will be a friend when you need one. I will love thee unconditionally. Where ever you go, I go. Whatever you do, I will be beside you. Always, I will believe in you; your hopes, and dreams. I will be the star, shinning ever so brightly for you. I am a star, if you always look to me, and make a wish….your wish will always come true. look to me and I will shine when you are lost on the darkest night. If for any reason we may be apart, or that I am not around; don’t be sad, just look at the stars and pray, then I will come to you in your sleep and shine. You will be my bright moon on dark night, and I will be the brightest star that orbits around you. I will give you my heart, and my life. One day, I will make a promise to always make you laugh, and brighten your day. I will forever always appreciate every little thing. I hope you do the same.

I felt like writing, this is somewhat a letter to my future, but not really. To my future husband, one day.



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