It’s Better To Have Tried and Fail, Than To Not Try and Fail.

I used to not care as much if I failed because at least I tried. but somewhere along the way, I feared failure, and forget that it’s ok to fail. it’s not the end up the world if you do. fall seven time, stand up eight. Try and don’t give up. if you fail, then try again, do it again. I still need to remind myself that it’s ok to fail as long as I tried and tried my best and give it my best. there are people who fail and it was because they did not try, they did not give it their all. so what if I failed a test, at least I tried, at least I studied. if I fail a class, it’s not because I did not try hard enough, it’s because I don’t understand it yet, or the fear of not doing my best and passing, maybe I was too hard on myself and it effected my performance. who knows. but like my former dance instrustor says, try, try, try, and try again. because not trying is already failing. as long as you try, and you fail, then at least you tried. don’t ever feel discourage if you don’t get it, or can’t do it, just give it your all.

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