Weird? I Think Not.

Okay, well maybe a little. I am just having fun, and this is how I am. I like doing things to amuse myself. I so happened to be sitting in my room one night not too long ago. Sitting on the floor listening to music on the lap top and playing with an eyeliner in my hand. Next thing I knew I was drawing a mustache on my face 🙂 I sure gave some friends a good laugh when I posted the two picture on my facebook. I was told by my cousin that I was weird after laughing at my picture. A friend said I was not weird, but different and not like other girls because I do silly things like this  and not afraid to be myself and be goofy and silly. I guess it’s nice to hear people say I am different from other don’t like to be like others.

What do you think? haha I think it’s time I shave 🙂

I sometimes tell others I have to be weird to be normal…joking of course. I don’t think I am weird at all.

One Response to “Weird? I Think Not.”
  1. ElizOF says:

    It is quite creative of you and reminds me of Frieda Kahlo with her real mustache. 🙂

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