Vietnam…One Day I Will Know You

When I first heard this song from a family member, I fell in love with the lyrics.  I myself could relate because America is all I have ever known. Being an American born Vietnamese, I only hope to one day visit the Country of my roots, and my history that a part of me shares. One day, I will know my country.

English Version:

We all Know the history of the Vietnam war, the french occupation with Vietnam, which led to believe that I have french in my blood with French ancestor. With the Vietnam war, I am still learning. I once was talking to a worker at my school after he started talking with me. He asked what nationality I was, I told him I am Vietnamese, he then told me that he had one or two family member (can’t remember if it was one or two) who fought in the Vietnam war and he told me about how he felt. He them apologized to me and said that he was sorry for what we did and he asked me if I was upset by what happened back then. I was surprise to hear his apology, I told him “thank you” and told him that I am not really sure how I felt about it because I was not there, I have only heard stories, but it’s something I can’t be upset over by just knowing what happened, or stories. It doesn’t mean that I hate anyone because that’s know who I am. We all have a history, we all learn. It’s best to remember the event, forgive but never forget. We should not go on living life hating a country because of past events. So, I told him that it did not really upset me because I was not born at the time, I did not experience it myself, so I can’t understand what it was like exactly. Besides, America is my home first and foremost, I can’t take sides on who was right and who was not. Sure, the Vietnam war against the US may not be necessary, but the only thing that saddens me and loss of many lives. I was still deeply touched by his apology for what Vietnam had to go though. I also learned a lot from him about life. Talking to an older adult is really insightful and great, I like it.

5 Responses to “Vietnam…One Day I Will Know You”
  1. eof737 says:

    It is helpful to speak with older relatives as they color in the blank spaces for us… TY! 😉

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