A literary geek?

Not a nerd, but a geek. We all have some geek or nerd in us somewhere. It is only when we are excited and passionate about something that our geek or nerd  takes over. I know that I am a literary geek because I would be excited to read and write for fun.

This summer, the only first and only summer that I have decided not to take any classes. Of course I was planning to take a film class on story development, but I wanted to actually relax and do the things I love and enjoy, but had little time to do because of school. My plan this summer is to just relax and focus on my reading and writing. I am going to read more and write more. I have actually saved four book to read during the summer, once I am done with those, I plan to check out other books to read. Just because school is out does not mean I can’t keep my brain working. I am going to make it my mission to write a screen play and complete it, if not complete than have a good amount of it completed. I plan to watch as many movies as I can, because lets face it, who does not love movies? I know I do, reason why I want to do film. Anyway, plenty of movies to watch, hoping to get some ideas and inspiration as well as real life inspiration for my screenplay…..or prose. I will spend more time observing everything around me, carrying a little notebook everywhere I go for inspiration and note taking.

This summer,  it is all about me and making myself happy by doing the things I love and enjoy. I really am so excited and so happy just thinking about doing all of this. I really am literary geek. On my free time, I like to research different topics I could write about, books to read, how to improve my writing, learning as much as I possibly can about everything and by everything I mean everything, written work, random research about different subjects and ideas. it’s great. never stop learning!

4 Responses to “A literary geek?”
  1. It’s good to take a moment to relax and just do the things you love. As much as working is good, non-stop work isn’t. Take the chance to read and write like you planned and good luck writing that screenplay! Keep your focus and you’ll be sure to do it.

    • Pauline says:

      Thank you Natasha! I really appreciate you taking the time to read my post, and to leave a message. I would also have to agree with you that although work is great, non-stop work is not. I have decided that i need to relax and do things I love. I have been going to school non stop..even during winter and summer where it is optional, i need this time to just relax and enjoy. Thank you, I will need that luck and I will try my best to stay focus.

  2. Jackie Paulson Author says:

    Hey Pauline, did you know my sister is the producer of “addicted to food”? She use to work for Oprah too five years. She flew into town for her Last day. I got the real scoop before everyone else did. Oh how I understand that studying is No.1 and that it is time consuming. What is crazy is that I got a Paralegal Degree from 2007-09 and can’t find work in it because of the economy. It’s not that I have not applied like everywhere. LOL and my career of 20 years is cosmetology/barber but I am burnt out in it. Have you got that burnt out feeling? I think so, because for once you are putting YOU first this summer and that is a big accomplishment and relief for YOU. Keep on writing! I am sososo excited to see it all here and wherever you are. Your fan, Jackie

    • Pauline says:

      really? that is so awesome! I did not know that. The economy right now does suck, and it seems like no one is hiring at all. I need a job 😦 I am sure you will find something eventually. I feel burnt out most of the time, not sure I am suppose to do with my life, or tired of putting myself second to last of everything and not being as happy as I could. I was always tired. I will most certainly keep on writing, and I look forward to many more postings on here. I am just warming up and getting started. Thank you for being a fan. I enjoy your blog as much as I enjoy my favorite book. not too long ago, I spent about an hour and a half browsing your blog when I should have been cleaning my room 🙂

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