What I want to do When I grow up.

When I was younger, I never thought much about what I wanted to do when I got older. I can not recall ever being asked what I wanted to be or do when I grow up. My childhood was about having fun, playing outside until I was forced to go inside for dinner. I never knew or thought about what I wanted to do, I wish I had because it would save me so much stress of figuring out what I wanted to do with my life. Maybe it’s hard for me because there are so many things I love and enjoy.

I can not really answer what I want to do when I grow up being that I have grown up, but it’s never too late right? What I want and dream of is to be happy, to inspire and be inspired by everything. I want to keep learning. I want to be able to live my life my way. I want to be able to love what I do and be excited about going to work. Being able to do things that makes me happy and doing what I love “do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life” that is what I want to do when I grow up. Sometimes it’s not enough to do the things we love for the love of happiness because there will always be people who belittle that dream and ambition and tell you that you can’t do it because eventually, we start to have doubts about what we want  and what we can or can not do. They may not understand why or what it is that makes you happy and why you want to do it. What I want to do when I grow up or to continue growing, is to not let anyone tell me otherwise that I am not good enough, or that I will not succeed because in the end, it’s my happiness that’s most important.

Since I have started college, I wanted to do so many things. I have changed majors a few times, went undecided for a year. Still unsure on what I wanted to do with my life. I thought about all the things that made me happy, the things that i enjoy and loved. I realized that I spend most of my time either reading, writing, photography or watching movies because it’s like an escape from reality, and the ability to just get lost for a short while. I have always loved working behind the scenes and watching special features of  the “making of” a movie. I knew that I wanted to do film, I may not know what exactly, but I know what I want to be apart of the movie making. I have thought about being a trailer maker because, lets face it, who does not love trailers? I know I do. Sometimes, I would watch movie trailers just for entertainment, and to keep my busy. I am still deciding on the motion picture industry and what I want to do; But I know I want to do this. Others may not agree, but I m doing this for me and what makes me happy. I have also wanted to be a writer, simply because I enjoy it. I may struggle and may not be the best, but I know that I will continue to improve and grow as a writer, and as a person.

I think, what I want most, is to help people. I want to give back to those less fortunate, I want to touch people’s lives and have an impact on them. I have always admired Mother Teresa’s love and compassion. her selflessness inspires me to be the best person I can be. Another reason I wanted to do film, is to make documentary, help raise awareness and inform people on events that many people sometimes overlook or may not understand. I really want to be the change I see in the world. Sometimes I feel that I may not be strong enough to do this because I know I would cry and feel deeply touched by what I see and experience. I know that it will not stop me. I will always care, and I will always want to help those in need. I want to be inspired by what I see, what I feel, what I experience. I want to inspire others to reach out and do something to brighten a persons day, to do something good not matter how big or small. Maybe that’s why I want to be a photojournalist as well, to document in still image that tells a story.

So, If I were to be asked What I want to do when I grow up, or as I continue to grow; it would be to always inspire and be inspired, to be happy and do what I love. I am not in it for the money. I think that if you do what you love, money will find its way to you. I may be wrong, or experienced for thinking this but, I am tired of others telling me to do something because the money is good, or not to do something because it does not pay well.

I often have my heads in the cloud, I am a  day dreamer. I dream and today, I dream.

“I don’t dream at night, I dream all day; I dream for a living.” – Steven Spielberg

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