Solitude and Isolation: The need to be alone

What is solitude? what makes that particular word different from the word of isolation? well, I find that they are pretty much the same thing except solitude emphasizes more so on the physical, and isolation emphasizing  the internal. A person can feel isolated in a room full of people; but because they may be different from others around them, they will feel isolated. Solitude is by choice.  People often become lonely due to isolation, Solitude, on the other hand,” is a state of being alone without being lonely and can lead to self-awareness” Solitude allows me to take time to myself, do the things I love and enjoy without having to deal with stress, and pressure that we sometimes feel. Letting go of unwanted thoughts, the state of mind.

Isolation can often be referred to  as solitude, and solitude is a state of mind whereas isolation is the state of being. Sometimes, we can’t help but feel isolated or become isolated by experience of pain that we often feels. It’s a way to cope. There are times where a person may feel exhausted, both emotionally and physically and the only result is to isolate themselves, to have the moment to fully absorb that emotion to figure out why. Isolation can also lead to self-awareness. Sometimes people want to isolate themselves to protect them emotionally and physically.

Sometimes, we all just need to take that time for ourselves and do what makes up happy by doing things we enjoy and love, to learn about ourselves and what makes us happy and learn about the things that make us sad. otherwise, we would constantly feel annoyed and overwhelmed with life and the people around us. It’s a way to recharge. Solitude and isolation can look the same from the outside, but they are both forms of solitariness.  Isolation is loneliness, and loneliness is a negative state. Often, a person who is isolated will feel that something is missing. They can be surrounded by people, yet feel like something is missing and feel lonely,  for example, a single person who has amazing friends, and family, a great Job and a house, that person can still feel like something is missing in her life, and that “something” can be a significant other, that missing piece to her great life makes her feel lonely, not because she does not have that special someone, but because she may feel like she does not have that relationship, that companionship  and perhaps that intimacy that they miss.  A relationship between a boyfriend and girlfriend is a lot different from a parent and child, friend and friend and brother and sister.

Solitude is a peaceful state of mind that brings pleasure to a person. Isolation is loneliness, discontent and sometimes it feels as though it is a punishment to a person, but is often brought on by ourselves or others.

It’s hard to see the good in isolation when isolation is loneliness, a feeling that we wish not wish to feel or experience. For a person such as myself who is afraid of getting hurt, being constantly disappointed, and physically and emotionally abused at one point in time, will turn to isolation as a way of protecting ourselves from the pain and disappointment we are constantly feeling or once felt. We control the outcome by being isolated and isolating ourselves from people, by that we control who can and can’t hurt us or disappoint us. It almost become a part of solitude, a part where we can sit back, observe what it is that we are missing, or what it is that we are isolating from and actually enjoy it, learning about ourselves as we go and what it is that we are afraid of that makes us isolate from the people around us.

I need both solitude and isolation to focus on me, my needs and wants. it’s hard and tiring to please everyone and live up to people’s expectation. I feel that this is my way of learning about myself, how to handle isolation, feeling lonely and figuring out what it is that is missing. Solitude helps me to recharge my mind and body.

2 Responses to “Solitude and Isolation: The need to be alone”
  1. Noel says:

    Solitude is one of my favorite states of being, it helps me to reflect and pray. However, I also have felt lonely, simply because I feel nobody understands me. But I know this is not true. Since I started blogging, I have met people who share the same thoughts and feelings I have. It is also sad, like you said, that we tend to be isolated because of trying to protect ourselves from being hurt again. This is very common in us, and we do it by isolating, and also by overemphasizing things about ourselves so that we can be accepted. It is a way of manifesting our insecurities. Anyways, great topic!

    • Pauline says:

      I too have felt lonely because i feel like no one understands me, or it seems like they do no want to understand. Sometimes, it feels like no one ever wants to listen to you. It gets to the point where you just don’t care anymore and you eventually isolate yourself from the people around you….at least I do that anyway. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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